Sunday, May 4, 2008

Articles & Reviews

“Ritual of Enchantment: Human Clay” by Fred HattDrawing Life – April 2012

“Exactly How It Ought To Be” by Ursula GullowMountain Xpress – January 2011

“Motion Pictures” by Ursula GullowVerve Magazine – January 2011

“To Be or Not To Be” by LaDonna SmithSteel Toe Review – October 2010

“SPLAT! At Pritchard Park” by Jaye BartellMountain Xpress – July 2010

“XFest 2010: Real Time Together” by Gordon MarshallAll About Jazz – March 2010

“Red Headed Stepchild” by Claire Elizabeth BarrattThe Improvisor – May 2009

“Circle can’t be broken for two founding members” by Doug MasonKnoxville News Sentinel – September 2007

“Blurring Boundaries” by Stephen MaginnisBallet Dance Magazine – August 2006

“The Wedding Dance” by Nohra CorredorFifth Season Magazine – September 2005

“Carmen Miranda Fantasies in the Middle of Manhattan” by John RockwellNew York Times – August 2005

“Move It!” By James GardnerNew York Post – August 2005

“A Zen Koan for the Body, by the Body” by Christopher CorreaDance View Times – December 2004

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